Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam
Anchukuzhi, Erumeli, Kerala, India

Stotras and Downloads

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# Name MP3 Baraha Kannada Devanagari Tamil Telugu Malayalam Gujarathi Gurumukhi Bengali Oriya English
1 Chamakam       Ref:                
2 Dhanwantari Dhanw Dhanw-bar Dhanw-kan Dhanw-dev Dhanw-tam Dhanw-tel Dhanw-mal Dhanw-guj Dhanw-gur Dhanw-ben Dhanw-ori Dhanw-eng
3 Hanuman Viajayaprada stotram lnk-youtube           Vijayaprada-Mal         SHVPS
4 Kala Bhairava Ashtotharam     Kala_Bhairava_Kan Kala_Bhairava_Dev Kala_Bhairava_Tam Kala_Bhairava_Tel Kala_Bhairava_Mal          
5 Kanaka Dhara Kanak Kanak-bar Kanak-kan Kanak-dev Kanak-tam Kanak-tel Kanak-mal Kanak-guj Kanak-gur Kanak-ben Kanak-ori Kanak-eng
6 Lakshmi Nrusimha Karavalambam                        
7 Lakshmi Nrusimha Karavalambam lnk-mp3 lnk-Bar lnk-Kan lnk-Hin lnk-Tam lnk-Tel lnk-Mal lnk-Guj        
8 Lalitha Sahasranama   Lalitha-brh Lalitha-kan Lalitha-dev Lalitha-tam Lalitha-tel Lalitha-mal Lalitha-guj  Lalitha-gur  Lalitha-ben  Lalitha-ori  Lalitha-eng 
9 Mahishasura Mardini Stotram       Mahishasura_dev     Mahishasura_Mal          
10 Minakshi Pacharatnam   Mina-P-bar Mina-P-kan Mina-P-dev Mina-P-tam Mina-P-tel Mina-P-mal Mina-P-guj Mina-P-gur Mina-P-ben Mina-P-ori Mina-P-eng
11 Mrutyunjaya Kavacam   Mrutyunjaya-brh Mrutyunjaya-kan Mrutyunjaya-dev Mrutyunjaya-tam Mrutyunjaya-tel Mrutyunjaya-mal Mrutyunjaya-guj        
12 Narasimha Ashtotharam         Narasimha-Tam   Narasimha-Mal          
13 Narayana Kavacham narayan-kavac       narayan-kavac-tam   narayan-kavac-mal          
14 Navagraha-Amgaraka -Kuj Kuj Kuj-bar Kuj-kan Kuj-dev Kuj-tam Kuj-tel Kuj-mal Kuj-guj Kuj-gur Kuj-ben Kuj-ori Kuj-eng
15 Navagraha-Budh Budh Budh-bar Budh-kan Budh-dev Budh-tam Budh-tel Budh-mal Budh-guj Budh-gur Budh-ben Budh-ori Budh-eng

# Name MP3 Baraha Kannada Devanagari Tamil Telugu Malayalam Gujarathi Gurumukhi Bengali Oriya English
16 Navagraha-Guru Guru Guru-bar Guru-kan Guru-dev Guru-tam Guru-tel Guru-mal Guru-guj Guru-gur Guru-ben Guru-ori Guru-eng
17 Navagraha-Ketu Ketu Ketu-bar Ketu-kan Ketu-dev Ketu-tam Ketu-tel Ketu-mal Ketu-guj Ketu-gur Ketu-ben Ketu-ori Ketu-eng
18 Navagraha-Moon Moon Moon-bar Moon-kan Moon-dev Moon-tam Moon-tel Moon-mal Moon-guj Moon-gur Moon-ben Moon-ori Moon-eng
19 Navagraha-Rahu Rahu Rahu-bar Rahu-kan Rahu-dev Rahu-tam Rahu-tel Rahu-mal Rahu-guj Rahu-gur Rahu-ben Rahu-ori Rahu-eng
20 Navagraha-Saturn Sani Sani-bar Sani-kan Sani-dev Sani-tam Sani-tel Sani-mal Sani-guj Sani-gur Sani-ben Sani-ori Sani-eng
21 Navagraha-Shukra Shukr Shukra-bar Shukra-kan Shukra-dev Shukra-tam Shukra-tel Shukra-mal Shukra-guj Shukra-gur Shukra-ben Shukra-ori Shukra-eng
22 Navagraha-Sun Sun Sun-bar Sun-kan Sun-dev Sun-tam Sun-tel Sun-mal Sun-guj Sun-gur Sun-ben Sun-ori Sun-eng
23 Panchamukha Hanumat Kavacham   PMHK-Bar PMHK-Kan PMHK-Dev PMHK-Tam PMHK-Tel PMHK-Mal PMHK-Guj PMHK-Gur PMHK-Ben    
24 Prahladastuti             Prahlaadastuti-Mal          
25 Rahu Kavacham youtube RK-Eng RK-Kan RK-Hin RK-Tam RK-Tel RK-Mal RK-Guj        
26 Sadashiva Kavacam   Sadashiva-brh Sadashiva-kan Sadashiva-dev Sadashiva-tam Sadashiva-tel Sadashiva-mal Sadashiva-guj        
27 Sankata Ganapathy   SankataG sankata-g-dev sankata-g-tam sankata-g-tel sankata-g-mal sankata-g-guj sankata-g-gur sankata-g-ben sankata-g-ori sankata-g-eng  
28 Shaneeshwara Kavach sani_kavac Sani-kav-bar Sani-kav-kan Sani-kav-dev Sani-kav-tam Shani-kav-tel Sani-kav-mal Sani-kav-guj Sani-kav-gur Sani-kav-ben Sani-kav-ori Sani-kav-eng
29 Shani Ashtotharashatam   Sasn-bar Sasn-kan Sasn-dev Sasn-tam Sasn-tel Sasn-mal Sasn-guj Sasn-gur Sasn-ben Sasn-ori  
30 Shiva Panchaka Stotram   SPS-Bar SPS-Kan SPS-Hin SPS-Tam SPS-Tel SPS-Mal SPS-Guj        
31 Shyamala Dandakam movie clip Shyamala-brh Shyamala-kan Shyamala-dev Shyamala-tam Shyamala-tel Shyamala-mal Shyamala-guj

32 Skanda Kavacham Skanda Kavacham   SK-Kan SK-Hin SK-Tam SK-Tel SK-Mal SK-Guj        
33 Sree Pratyangira Ashtothtaram         Pratyangira108T   Pratyangira108M          
34 Sree Pratyangira Sahasranaam     SPSS_K SPSS_H SPSS_T   SPSS_M          
35 Sree Rudram  
36 Subrahmanya kavacham       Subrahmanya_dev     Subrahmanya_Mal          
37 Vijaya siddhi mantram       Vijayasidhi-Hin     Vijayasidhi-Mal          

# Procedures                
P0 Ganapathy Homam Simple Ganapathy Homam instructions

P1 Lamp lighting - image Oil_lamp lighting - Daily procedures   Video Demonstration - Lamp Lighting

P2 Neeranjanam - image Neeranjanam - instructions               Video Demonstration - Neeranjanam

P3 Oil Gazing Oil Gazing - for removing evil eyes Video Demonstration - Oil Gazing

P4 Camphor burning Camphor burning Video Demonstration - Camphor Burning

P5 Pitrukarmam (Malayalam) Page1 Page2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 NOTES
P6 Pitru Pooja - South Indian version Pitru Pooja - another version

P7 Shiva Purana - various options Amazon book1 Amazon book2 Amazon MP3

P8 Sunderkand - Tulasi Das Ramayan English and Hindi Scripts with meaning - Right click and save this PDF file on the local machine for offline access.

P9 Kadaladi / Prickly Chaff Link 1 Link 2  Link 3 Link 4 Link 5

P10 Common instructions Commonly used instructions - check sheet

O1 Common Mantras Homa Mantrangal

O2 Star Forest Nakshatra Vanam - a concept of planting trees relating to your birth star
O3 Sunrise / Sunset Real time Sunrise and Sunset times at various locations can be seen from

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