Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam
Anchukuzhi, Erumeli, Kerala, India

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About US

Panchatheertha  is a non profit devotional organization driven by volunteers under the inspiration of sree Jayachandra Raj.

Sree Jayachandra Raj is a noted economist and possesses 6 post graduate degrees in field of economics more than 6 masters degree in economist and also a profound astrologer. He is one of the very few astrologers living in todays world who has the capability to deep dive into the depths of astrology, never found before. Through simultaneous divisions and deep level analysis of conventional astrological charts, he is able to identify sounds behind the chart, which can translate to names of temples, locations or anything that would be of significance to the inquirer - an extentend to which the science of astrology is never applied into by conventional astrologers.

Sree Jayachandra Raj has published 2215 papers in the field of economics to this date. His research paper on economics of two wheelers taxis in Kerala was presented in the legislative assembly and was accepted for implementation in July 1994. He had conducted more than 800 economic surveys related to research and work. He was involved revenue re-organization of the state and co-authored books on low cost economics of housing. Based on his research article in “vijnayna kairlai” – A financial analysis on wastage of human capital resources, Kerala High court changed its ruling and increased UPSC age bar to 28. Technical co-ordinator for computerization of local village office of Kottayam district. These efforts lead to the overall computerization of these offices across the state.

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