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Miladan is a child hood friend of Lord Ayyappa who is the embodiment of love and affection. Lord Ayyappa considered Miladan as his most trusted friend and always waited to serve him, in spite of being from a backward community. Story of Milada is not very prominent in modern literature and hence not known to many people today.

Lord Ayyappa used to share his food with this boy from a poor background before he ate his food during the gurukula days. On one occassion when Miladan was trying to meet the lord in his palace, the soldiers refused entry. Seeing this lord ran out from the palace, hugged him and took him inside with all royal welcomings - clearly demonstrating to the rest of the world that his devotees will get his respect and attention, regardless of their current conditions. In this occassion, lord had declared that Miladan's soule is much more closer to him than every one else and then why should the body be away.

During the time of returning from the palace for ever, lord Ayyappa was granting Sayoojyam to Miladan. Being an esteemed devotee, Miladan refused the offer and sought lords blessings to keep singing his praise as long as the world existed. This wish was granted  - there by making Miladan a "Chiranjeevi" - always alive.

Miladan is considered to be protecting the Poonkavanam today singing Lords glory using his udukku all the time. Please see references to udukku pattu.

Here are Mural Paintings of Miladan

1) Miladan meets lord Ayyappa in the present day Erumeli


2)  Miladan seeking darshan of lord Ayyappa at Pandalam Palace

Miladan seeking darshan of lord Ayyappa at Pandalam

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