Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam
Anchukuzhi, Erumeli, Kerala, India

Sabarimala Pilgrimage - A journey in pictures

Kettu Nirackal - The first step in this holi pilgrimage is to fill
coconuts with ghee which is called mudra into the Irumudi.
Irumudi will always be carried on the head, except for formal
resting process until reaching the temple. Irumudi contains
other things like turmeric, honey, agarbathy and so on
Getting ready for some rest on the second day. All breaks are done only in temple
premises. These locations are prearranged by the organizers
A typical journey on the way, team is enjoying the third day. After some time short groups
automatically form and the entire team assembles together
at common meeting points from time to time
Ganapathy homam is done each day in the early hours of the
day. On the fourth day - Friday, the team is getting near Panchatheertha temple
Picturesque panchatheertha temple premises
Getting into the pristine forests . Lord Ayyappa's Poonkavanam
Finally at Sannidhanam. Once the darshan is over, a long wait starts for the next years journey

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