Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam
Anchukuzhi, Erumeli, Kerala, India


Kottayam -> Pampady -> Kodungoor -> Manimala -> Platheri -> Mukkada -> Karithod through Cheruvali Estate


Changanacherry -> Karukachal -> Manimla -> Platheri -> Mukkada -> Anchukuzhi

From Kottayam town, proceed east through Kottayam Kumali Road (KK road) and pass through Pampadi (18Km),
From Pampadi proceed towards  Kodungoor junction. This is on the way to Kumali on NH 220 about 8 Kms.
From Kodungoor turn right to Manimala - 10 Kms
From Manimala proceed on Erumeli/Ranni Route. Placheri comes in  about 6 kms.
Turn left from Placheri to Mukkada - 2 Kms
From Mukkada, travel through Cheruvalli Estate towards Karithod through Mukkada - Karithod road. This road is also called Parasakthi road.
In about 4 Kms, the road forks left to Estate bungalow and the other towards Erumeli. Proceed right toward Erumeli, Temple is two kilometers on the right hand side. Watch for the temple arch.

From Changanacherry, temple can be reached through Karukachal route (20 kms). 18 kilometers to Manimala, 6 kms to platheri, 1 Km to Mukkada and follow the route as described above.

Nearest hotel location will be at Erumeli. Postal Address is Kanakappalam P. O. Erumeli.

Since there are five water falls, this place is known as Anchukuzhi. History links these five ponds to “pancha pandavas”. It is also established that this Devi was sent by Lord Krishna to protect the Pancha Pandavas during their “Vanavas”.

 Devotees from distant locations can write to the manger at the following address for any offerings they want to be done on their behalf. Cost of the Pooja can be remitted through regular Postal Money Orders.
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