Panchatheertha Adi Parasakthi Devasthanam
Anchukuzhi, Erumeli, Kerala, India

Sabarimala Pilgrimage...Check lists

Personal items 
Tooth brush


bath soap / comb / soap / other toiletary items etc.
Regular Medicines - if you take any prescription medicines, then do not forget them

First aid medications, allergy medicines

"Amrut Malam" - extremely useful for blisters. available in regular medical stores

Rasnadi powder - an ayurvedic preperation for protection from cold
1) Sweater and blanket  - can get reasonably cold in the night in mountains
2) Thin towels - good idea to have three of them and may be an additional spare.
1) to tie the irumudikkettu on the head
2) to tie the dhotti
3) for bath
3) Dhoti / Jeans / Pants / Shorts
4) Two black (or blue) shirts - black indicates shiva flavor, blue - vishnu
5) One bed sheet. This will be needed for sleeping in the nights  and doubles as a cushion on the head during the day.
A steel plate, cup and spoon. Food will be served to your own plates through out the journey
If booked in the group, everything will be provided by Guruswami. This is the most important item
Back pack
A large back pack can help to carry the personal items
Foot wear
This is a long journey. good foot wear is a good idea. Anticipate blisters.
Trip costs will be announced during the trip. Typically in the 2k to 3K range. This does not include dakshinas that you feel like offering in temples along the way
Devotional items
Camphor, small esame bags, a bag of coins - Lots of opportunities to offer on the way at various temples
Torch  light
You will need a good, bright light - light weight flash light for use in the dark, This will be needed every morning and night and indispensable in the forest.
Rain Coat
If you prefer to have one
Sharanam Chant book
We always chant on the way. Good to carry Sharanam Books in your preferred language if you like to read on the way.
With absolute surrender at the lords feet, you may be able to manage with out any of the above

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