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Travelogues - April 2008

Sri Jayachandra Raj (Guruji), visited  United States in April 2008. On the last leg of his tour, we decided to undertake a trip to Grand Canyon, Arizona. Guruji, has envisioned the importance of the Grand Canyon, even from his home town of Changanacherry, in Kerala. Through Astrological calculations, Guruji identified that the United States is spiritually significant for Hindus. He had identified that it is the land of the Shukracharya.

Shukracharya is considered as the guru of Asura’s. Astrologically the planet Shukra (Venus) is responsible for providing all comforts in one’s life if in alignment.

On the way from Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon,  on a Friday evening and we decided to stop the car on the side of a random exit as it was time for Sunset. Somewhere along the less travelled side roads of Bumble Bee parkway, we gathered around and lighted up 9 lemon lamps and chanted Lalitha Sahasra Namam. This location where we did the Pooja on Friday May 2, 2008 evening  can be seen on Wikimapia

We were quite curious as why we ended up being in that place on that evening and possibly there is some spiritual significance for the event. By the time we finished the pooja, we noticed the sky was beautiful and Venus was shining brightly. Was that a mere coincidence or was it the sign of heavenly approval? Guruji immediately clarified that the place where we worshipped the mother goddess was the same location where the spiritual Guru of the Asuras, Shukracharya, got the Darshana of the Vanadevatas. It was also around the same place that Durga Devi killed an Asura by the name of  Subaru. Subaru was exploiting the influential in the wrong ways and finally Devi had to destroy him. This finding rhymes with the belief that Grand Canyon was a thriving City many centuries ago and a series of natural disasters

We reached Grand Canyon at about 6.30 AM. After a brief rest, we started on our journey again. Grand Canyon, as per the astrological calculations, was the abode of Shukracharya. He had taken birth and Samadhi right there at the canyons, and that spiritual significance and his powers are the root casuse for the red color for the mountains. It may also be noted that the next place that Guruji discovered as the strong presence of  Shukra Acharya is Colorado Springs. One can see the similar textured hills at Colorado springs as well. Accorinding to astrological findings, Sathi Devi meditated on lord Shiva. After a long time since Lord Shiva did not appear, Sathi Devi requested Shukra Acharyas help. The place where Shukra Acharya did the worship is where the red mountains stand today.  As per Hindu concepts, Shukra is the planet that blesses with all material benifits and material happiness in one's life. The color of red and white, associated with Shukracharya,  was everywhere in the premises of Grand Canyon.. Guruji informed us that the place is blessed with the presence of Asura Guru.

Lemon Lamps
Grand Canyon
Canyon 2
White Flowers
Bali Kakka
Lemon Lamps at BubleBee
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - deep down
White flowers at the Canyon
Bali Kakka accepting the Bali
Deers immediately after chanting

There are places in Grand Canyon named Shiva temple, Vishnu temple and Brahma temple. There are some other place names which are very oriental.

The Phoenix Sun, the reputed newspaper in 1910, reported that on exploring certain caves, they saw a beautiful woman sitting on a lotus. For Hindus, it is the Laskshmi Devi, the goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. There were other cave drawings which were distinctly Hindu , in nature.  Those caves are off-limits to the hikers and travelers.  We offered a bali at Grand Canyon. It was surprising that the bali was quickly accepted by the bali crow, a good omen, for all hindu minds. Later on as soon as we chanted Lalitha Sahasra Namam, a big group of deers passed by, again considered a very significant spiritual observation.

From rasi calculations, we found that there is significant spiritual presence in the Grand Canyon, very close to the Colorado River. Our minds had more questions than answers . But we knew the quest for answers have started and we resolved to pursue those answers in the coming years.

On our way back, we stopped at Sedona. Right from the rest area on the highway, Guruji pointed out the spiritual significance of Sedona.  The beautiful red hillocks of Sedona indeed had a spiritual significance. Guruji recognized from the astrological charts that this is the place is where Kaja met Devayani as per ancient Indian epics. Kaja was the son of Devaguru Brahuspati who befriend Devayani in attempt to learn Mruta Sanjeevaji Mantra from her father – Shukra Acharya. According to Guruji, in the current world, any one worshipping mother goddess at that place with Shukra Mantra and Lalita Sahasranama will be able to rid off all the obstacles for their marriages. Shukra Mantra is “Aum dram drim draum sham shukraya namahSee the video recordings of the astrological calculation and the details of the saffron flowers we found at the rest area on I-17 – Arizona veterans highway  near exit 320 – Video_1 and Video_2

Guruji at SEdona Rest Area
Red / Safron flowers found near
                  Sedona Yellow flowers indicating the
                  presence of Guru
Sedona Mountains
Sedona Mountains Close up
Bali Pooja
Guruji at the rest area near I-17
Safron flowers of Sedona
Yellow flowers - Deva Guru
Sedona Mountains
Sedona Mountains close up
Pooja site

We went to the prominent Bell Rock on  Schnebly Hill road. It is indeed interesting to note this being referred to as Devils Kitchen Pass at Wikipedia. Considering that Asura's can be translated to Devil, this nomenclature makes some significance. We offered another Bali – a way of worshipping the ancestors along with Neeranjanam. Perhaps, it may be the first time in the recent history that anyone would have performed Bali Pooja in that place.

Websites describe Sedona as a Vortex -  "A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy." Bell Rock is third on that list as a place that radiates energy. This strangely coincided with our findings from Astrology.

We believe that Hinduism touched the heart of America and there are signs that America will re-embrace the oldest religion of the earth. We may be witnessing the emergence of Hinduism, in the most powerful nation of the world.  From Iowa to Colorado Springs, Chicago to Grand Canyons, we saw many instances that America may have a storied past, much before what was recorded by the modern day historians.

A glorious past where Hinduism and Hindu mythology, occupied the central stage of the social life. We are cautiously optimistic that answers for many of the questions will emerge in the coming years.

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